Grafo House

Our house imprint focuses on nonfiction titles primarily of an inspirational or spiritual nature. We believe books are agents of change that have a unique power to help and inspire people. These books are carefully crafted to reach a modern audience with messages of hope, generosity, and faith. 


We work closely with authors who have an established sphere of influence to create books that express their life message in a way that will reach their audience effectively. This form of publishing, while more traditional in its focus on curated authors, still focuses on authors and their message. We want authors to feel empowered and to have ownership in their books, and we strive to provide publishing services that are tailored to each title. 


If you’re interested in submitting a book proposal, please contact us and we will set up a phone consultation to evaluate your project. And even if your book idea is not a good fit for our house imprint, there’s a strong chance it will fit within our Autógrafo imprint. We would be happy to discuss further if you’d like more information.