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Should I write a book? How do I write a book?

And once I write the thing, what in the heck do I do with it?

All great questions...And they're easier to answer than you might think. 

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At Jaquith Creative, we believe everyone has something to say. Your voice matters, and your message deserves to be heard. Book writing is part skill, part art, and part magic, which is why bookwriting works best when it is a team effort. Wherever you happen to be in the writing process, we're here to help. We offer a variety of writing and editing services suitable for every project and writer.

Our clients have been featured on multiple bestseller lists, including:

Our Services


Discuss your idea with our book experts and learn what it would take to write and publish a book.

We'll work with you to brainstorm your audience, message, format, and content, and to create a chapter list.

Looking to sell your book idea to a publisher? We'll help you craft a strong, beautiful proposal.


Let our award-winning writers create the book you imagine based on your knowledge, experience, and story. 

Receive personalized guidance and accountability through consistently scheduled coaching sessions.

Have a book draft that needs some TLC? We can help you develop and polish your manuscript.

We'll carefully review grammar, spelling, word use, and more to perfect your finished draft.

We'll carefully review grammar, spelling, word use, and more to perfect your finished draft.


Work with a professional designer to create the perfect book cover or jacket, plus back cover and spine.

Our book designers will turn your finished manuscript into a fully finished, print-ready book.

Work with our artists and designers to create custom illustrations for your children's book or any other project.

Get advice or technical assistance to record and publish your audiobook, or let us handle the entire project. 

We'll turn your print book or manuscript into a beautiful ebook file readable on any device.


Evaluate traditional publishing, self-publishing, and hybrid options to see what is best for you.

For self-published authors who meet our publishing standards, we can provide ISBNs through our house imprints.

We'll work with you to enable sales of your book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and countless other sites.

Receive personalized advice to help you promote and sell your book and build your author platform.

Our professional translators can translate your book from English to Spanish or Spanish to English.

If you need printed copies, we can assist you in coordinating printing and shipping.

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