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Jaquith Creative is a book writing and publishing company that specializes in helping authors create, publish, and distribute their work to the world. Our goal is to produce carefully-crafted books that encourage, educate, and empower readers. 

We've been actively participating in the publishing industry since 2011. Whether through ghostwriting, editing, design, translating, or publishing, we have had the privilege of partnering with numerous authors and publishers, and our work has been featured on multiple bestseller lists.


We're proud of our work with world-class authors over the years. We've have the privilege of writing, editing, designing, illustrating, translating, or publishing the following books and others as well. 

No me puedes lastimar
Worried About Everything
Jaguars and Butterflies
Single & Secure
The Art of Overcoming
Jesus Is
Choose You
Girl Tell Your Story front
Words Are Your Superpower front
Help I Work with People
Letters to My Daughter front
Blank Page cover
I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook
Friend of Sinners study guide
The Things You'll Grow Cover front
I Am S&D
How's Your Soul
Jaguares y mariposas frente
Leon front cover
Jesus Is Student Ed
Que es el agua
Jesus Is Study Guide
The Spaces You'll Go
Jesus Is for You
Tiempo de ser padres
There's a Hat for That
Life Is Study Guide
Que es la sabiduria
Be with Jesus 365 cover
Friend of Sinners
Life Is 40 Day Experience
Life Is
Experience Jesus and His Church
Love Like Jesus
Who Will Stay - front cover
How's Your Soul Study Guide
Top Ten Tips
Till the Lion Returns front
Pray About Everthing Journal
I Am Transformed
Experimenta - Russian
¿Quién se quedará_ front
The Martians in Your Classroom
Transforming Libraries
Quema la Bandera Blanca
Strawberry Fields Forever
Listen Sister
Estar con Jesús 365 portada
My Dog and Me
Google Apps Guidebook
Hoja en blanco
I Am Me
Iglesia Llena del Espíritu
Intentional Daily Planner
Faith for Healing, Wisdom for Health
Experimenta a Jesús y la Iglesia
Bring the World to Your Classroom
Manejo del Salón en la Era Digital
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