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Design Book

Do you dream of writing a book? 

Do you have an idea, message, or story you know people would love to read? 


It's easier than you think!

At Jaquith Creative, we are passionate about helping authors create powerful, beautiful, high-quality books that reach their audience effectively. We'd love to answer your questions and see how we can serve you.


At Jaquith Creative, we believe everyone has something to say. Your voice matters, and your message deserves to be heard. Book writing is part skill, part art, and part magic, which is why bookwriting works best when it is a team effort. Wherever you happen to be in the writing process, we're here to help. We offer a variety of writing and editing services suitable for every project and writer.

Discuss your idea with our book experts and learn what it would take to write and publish a book.

We'll work with you to brainstorm your audience, message, format, and content, and to create a chapter list.

Looking to sell your book idea to a publisher? We'll help you craft a strong, beautiful proposal.


Our authors, clients, and books have been featured on multiple bestseller lists, including:

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